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Grahame Blackwell started his career developing highly specialised computer soft-ware for evaluation of experimental aircraft flight trials, notably for the Harrier Jump-Jet. Some time after that he was involved in development of one of the earliest global computer networks, about a decade before the advent of the Internet.

He later moved into a full-time university post, in which he undertook a number of research projects. In 1991 he completed his PhD on intelligent computer-based control systems.

In 1996 Dr Blackwell was asked to lead a team in a major European research & development project, investigating strategies for the next generation of telecommunications services – what is now known as 3G. This brought him into contact with research and industry leaders in this field from the UK, Finland, France, Holland, Greece and Italy.

It also brought him into contact with the complex world of radio-communications, highly advanced in terms of applications but based on science that’s still not well understood. The physics of electromagnetic waves is still very much a ‘work in progress’, with various unanswered questions and unresolved paradoxes. A real challenge for anyone with an inquiring mind.

Having a background in mathematics and an insatiable thirst for problem solving, Grahame Blackwell adopted his usual approach in such situations – right back to basic principles and original sources.

He studied Einstein’s early monographs on Theories of Special and General Relativity; he worked through texts on tensor calculus (central to General Relativity); he read up on electromagnetic field theory (including notably Maxwell’s Equations); he also studied Quantum Mechanics, particle physics, photonics and associated subjects.

His lifelong love of nature found him spending many hours, walking or simply sitting by a stream or under a tree, absorbing the numerous messages coming from the natural environment around his home in the heart of Dartmoor. Taken together, maths, science and nature combined to provide a rich source of data in the search for the answer to the ultimate question: What’s going on here?

Reality Check presents some of his findings in that ongoing quest, and some of their possible implications, in a non-technical accessible form.

Further details of those findings, also in easily accessible no-technical form, can be foud at: http://www.transfinitemind.com

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